How to start T-shirt business from home?

Nowadays every person must wear a t-shirt according to his age. Due to being very comfortable in wearing and maintenance, T-shirts are used a lot. With regard to T-shirts, there is no longer any age restriction, nor is there any difference of gender. Whether it is a two-year-old innocent boy and girl or an eighty-year-old man, Everyone needs a T-shirt according to their age. Women certainly have some hesitation in wearing such clothes after an age, but from young girls to young girls, there is a lot of fondness for wearing T-shirts. Similarly, there is a huge craze about T-shirts from young boys to youth. One special thing about T-shirts is that their fashion changes very fast. As the fashion changes, the youth are eager to change the t-shirt. That’s why the idea of ​​doing home based t-shirt business is very good as well as beneficial.

Features of T-shirts

There are as many manufacturers and wholesalers and retailers working as there is demand for T-shirts. There is a lot of competition in this business, yet every businessman earns well by doing T-shirt business with his own special skills. The special thing about t-shirt business is that it is easily available to all classes, freeing from the hassle of buying clothes and sewing. It means to say that even the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich can easily fulfill their hobby of T-shirt. It is not that the level or look of cheap and expensive t-shirts is very different, it is only the difference of people’s own preferences. As people like T-shirts, manufacturers also make similar T-shirts and bring them to the market.

black and white t-shirts hanging

New business idea

Now the question arises that along with the huge demand for T-shirts, the number of people who supply them is also very high. The competition is also very good. Now where is the scope for the new business man in this. What should a new business man do so that he does not even have to face competition and does not have to work hard and his product is sold immediately.

1. In this situation, the businessman will have to do something different from the traditional T-shirt running in the market.

2. To do this kind of business, people have also found a way to do their business.

3. This is a unique way of preparing T-shirts at home and doing their business. Due to this the demand for their product is also high because that product cannot be found in the market.

4. Being unique, its prices are also according to the wishes of the business man. It also has good benefits. Let us know how to start which business.

This business is related to fashion

The business of this type of t-shirt is a business related to fashion, which if done targeting the youth will run very well. Apart from this, if business is done by making this type of t-shirt by connecting it to various social campaigns, promotional campaigns of the company, then the businessman can benefit a lot. That’s why the businessman has to be active in it himself and separate from the market and get his unique design ready and printing on it in a unique way. Like nowadays you must have seen T-shirts written in different types of designs, logos, photos, slogans in the market. Apart from this, business of T-shirts of gym, yoga, sports etc. is going on in the market.

Clear vision

To start this business, first of all you have to clarify your vision, vision. Want to make tshirts for kids, youth, older than them or elders. Also consider whether you want to design t-shirts for boys or girls in children, or create a combined t-shirt for both. Do you want to create different or combined tshirt designs for boys and girls in youth. You want to design such tshirt for men or women also. Along with this, you should consider what level of people you want to sell your product to. You want to sell more goods for less profit or you want to sell less goods for more profit. After considering all these things, when you reach a conclusion, then make a plan to do business.

Find the market/customer

When planning to design your t-shirt, you should also consider how you can get maximum profit from the business. When you consider all these things, then a light picture of your market and customers will start appearing in front of you. After that you do market research and find your customers. After that guess who is your market and who are your customers and what are their likes, you have to go through the complete horoscope of the business of your nearest competitors to study all these things. After that you will get an idea about your business that the shortcomings in the business of the competitors have to be removed. Customers will be given 100% favorite thing by improving the product given by the previous businessman, then there will be no apprehension in the running of your business.

Test your design like this

Your tshirt design idea will work or not in the market or there is room for improvement in it. To find out these things, you have to test your idea. For this work you have to adopt both online and offline routes. First of all give your designed t-shirt as a sample to your relatives, friends and neighbors and get feedback from them. Similarly, create catalogs of the same designs and put them online and get feedback from your fans about them. If someone points out a deficiency in them, do not take it as a bad thing, but work to improve it. This will increase the demand for your product. The work of improvement should go on till the suggestions for amendments stop coming from the feedback givers. When the modifications or suggestions stop coming then you should understand that your product is ready to hit the market.

Plan your business

Before launching your business, you should make your business plan. First of all, you should assess your capacity i.e. how much capital you can invest, you should understand it. After that you have to see how many varieties of t-shirts can be designed and marketed according to your ability. Try to focus on at least one variety. In other words, you should start a business by focusing on only one variety. Be the expert of your product. Make your mark in the market and after that get the survey done for other varieties among the customers. According to the survey report, before starting the business of other varieties, issue samples, take feedback on them, Grow your business accordingly. By the way, in the business plan, you have to enter all types of plans. You will do the designing yourself or hire an expert. How much will it cost to arrange the things needed for designing and printing. How much will marketing cost? You have to mention all these things in your business plan. Having a business plan will help you a lot.

Follow legal Process

Although it is not necessary to follow the government or legal process in starting a business, but in this type of business you have to follow the government process to protect your product from potential competitors or copycats. Let us know what kind of government procedure or rules you need to follow:-

1. You need to have a firm or company name to start your business. In whose name you can do business.

2. The name of your company has to be registered with the Registrar of Companies. While registering, you will have to mention doing online and offline business in your application.

3. Follow the rules set by the central government, state government and local administration related to business in the area where you live.

4. Since your business is branded. If you want that no one can copy your product, then you will have to patent with a trademark to protect the copyright of your product. With this, if a business man copies your product in future, then you can take legal action against him.

5. In this way you will be able to completely protect your product’s design, logo and slogan etc. This work will be very important for you.

6. Since you are doing business, you are earning profit by selling your product, then you must take GST number.

Select printer and printing material

After this, you should do all the preparations from designing your t-shirt to producing the product. For this, you have to choose the printer and printing material for your T-shirt. There are many professional companies in the market to provide this type of printing services. You should closely inspect both the service and the rate of as many companies as possible. T-shirt printing is included in the product cast. If this cast will increase more then you will be forced to keep higher prices. This will affect your business. That’s why one has to find a company that provides good quality printing at the least rate. This will make it very easy for you to decide the rate of your product.

How to determine the quality of tshirt fabric

These fashionable t-shirts do not have a long life. After going one fashion, when another fashion comes, then people who are fond of buying this type of tshirt look at the fashion instead of looking at the life of the tshirt. Because fashion is a status symbol. The man who does not keep up with fashion, his status gets down and his own people start looking at him with disregard. That’s why people adopt new fashion. Despite this, the business man should keep the quality of the clothes of his t-shirt very good. At least it should be skin friendly. Should be a bit durable too. The fabric should be such on which printing can last for a long time.

The business man doing the business of homebase t-shirt should take his budget cloth from the wholesale market or cloth mill. With this, the manufacturers can get t-shirts made of their desired design. While taking the business man cloth, decide before the wholesale market or the miller that he will not give this cloth to anyone else. This cloth will have to be made specially for him. This will mean that the T-shirt made of this cloth will not be found anywhere else. This will create a monopoly on your product. You will also have to make a contract with the manufacturers that you should give the product of the cloth given by me and you should also give the remaining cutting etc. wastage to you. So that no one else can copy your clothes. This will help you to decide the rate of your product.

Be careful while setting rates

After the hard work done by the business man in this business, if his product is ready, then it will have a different effect of its own. Business man can also get good price for his product if market and customers are well researched. Despite this, the business man should fix the rates of his product considering the user friendly i.e. in the interest of the consumers. It should not happen that you have fixed the rates of your product so high that you are beyond the buying capacity of the consumer. Due to this the sale of your product will go down. If the fashion period of your design is six months and in that period your product does not sell because of your high rate, then you may lose instead of profit.

While deciding the rate of your product, you should keep in mind the colors, designs and sizes. You calculate the production cost of your product by taking out all your expenses and fix the rate by adding a certain profit to the production cost. So that the consumer can show interest in buying your product. You will get double benefit from this. One, you will get profit by selling this product and customers will be ready to buy the next product as well.

white coloured t-shirt with black bricks background

Build your market now

Creating a market means promoting your product fiercely before launching it in the market. The better the promotion, the better the sale will be. When sales are good, profits will also be good. The businessman should first make his market. In order to make a market, a small part of your profits should be given in the form of an offer to attract the customer. By adopting such a strategy, the business man should tell the customer that this is the real rate of this quality in the market but we are keeping such a low rate for our customers under special convenience. You can also take such measures to attract customers.

1. The launching or opening offer is for a limited time only, take advantage of it.

2. There are many such occasions throughout the year when people buy new clothes, special offers can be given on those occasions.

3. Business man can benefit greatly by giving special offers on occasions like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Friends Day, Father’s Day, Sun Day, Daughter’s Day also.

4. In offline promotion where you can promote your product by doing pamphlets, posters, wall paintings, hoardings, banners as well as mouth publicity.

5. In offline promotion, you can also advertise on local news paper, local FM radio and local TV channels.

6. In online promotion, you can make your business shine by using various platforms of social media because this business is especially related to the fashion of youth and 100% youth use android phone and internet. You can take advantage of that.

7. Apart from this, you can attract people by making your website and posting an attractive catalog of your products in it.

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