Top 10 Seasonal Business Ideas

India is a country where there are different types of cultures and different languages. On the basis of that, you can also do business here considering the different seasons. You can do seasonal business on week, month or six month basis.

The new thing that is coming out these days is seasonal business. Seasonal business means that you can reduce profits by doing it in a few months of the year.

Apart from this, you can also do your business planning based on the arrival of the festival. As we see, with the beginning of Navratri in North India, the festival season remains in full swing till next March. That’s why we can also create a business based on different types of festivals that will work at all times.

Some of the businesses that you can do season wise in India are:

1. Business of dry fruits and sweets

As soon as the festival starts in India, people start looking for different types of sweets. Everyone wants to bring different types of sweets to their friends or relatives.

Apart from this, the new thing that has come in vogue these days is to deliver packages of dry fruits. In today’s changing environment, people have become very conscious about their health. They abstain from sweet and spicy. In such a situation, dry fruits are considered good for health and different dry fruits are also packed in gift packs, whether it is festival or wedding sweet boxes. That’s why this business is running with a lot of noise.

The simple way to earn profit in this business is to keep the quality of your product very good. Try to contract the supply of goods with a good dealer or place so that you can have your goods in the market.

Also, you can start this business in the time of Diwali.

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2. Business of thali according to the festival.

You can also do business of thali for Rakshabandhan or Karvachauth according to the festival. In this you can keep worship material together.

In this, you can get the entire plate delivered with diyas, complete worship materials etc. In this, if you are able to work with internation delivery, then the profit increases even more. There is a little bit of risk and tension in this, but believe me, the benefit is also the same.

People living outside the country definitely give some or the other gift to their loved ones living in the country on all festivals. In such an arrangement, it is very good for them, they do not need to think much.

3. Diwali Gift Business

Diwali is a very popular festival in India. On this festival everyone openly spends according to their budget. Also in this festival people give gifts to almost everyone whether it is their staff, family or friends. So you can start Diwali gift business. In this you can earn huge profits in no time.

You can make and sell gifts as well as sell items related to Diwali Diwali.

4. Summer Camp

Nowadays the time has come such that children are not able to go to their relatives during the summer holidays as before. But no one likes to have children sitting at home during the whole holiday. That’s why summer camps are becoming very popular these days.

If you want, you can start it once on a small scale. In this, you get children to do different types of activities and according to their ability, you teach children something new.

If you are giving good quality in this business and you assure the parents that their children are learning something really good by coming to you then you can make a lot of profit in this and next time you can go to a slightly bigger level. But they can.

Although you will have to invest in this business initially because without an attractive location and setup, you cannot attract children and parents, but you can earn profits according to your specialty.

5. Tour Guide

If your city is such where tourists often come, then you can start this business. If you know about it yourself then you can start yourself or else you will have to do some things like

  • Creating tour guide groups
  • hiring the best people
  • City wise people training

In this way you can start this business.

6. Sale of Fruits and Vegetables

This is very good according to the business season. You can deliver fruits and vegetables to the people according to the season. The biggest advantage in this business is that you can do it for 12 months, all you have to do is change your items as soon as the season changes.

For more profit, you can pay attention in the way of organic products.

7. Event Planning

The business of event planning works for almost the whole year, but still, if you want to invest part time in it, then you can see according to you when most weddings or events are taking place in your city. As it is often seen in North India that weddings take place from October to February or early March, so you can start the business of wedding planning at this time.

8. Warm Clothes Business

This business also gives you a lot of profit. In this, if you want, you can buy clothes from other countries and sell them.

Apart from this, if you have such a budget, then you can also make warm clothes and send them to different places and earn profits.

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9. Kite Business

Although the profit in this business is limited but if your budget is less then you can easily start this business at low cost.

10. Raincoat or Umbrella Business

This is also a business that you can start in the rainy season. You can fill the goods in bulk at a low price in a small shop and make a profit.

In this way you can start small or big business according to your budget. Also keep in mind that in season business it is not like that you will start once and do everything from the beginning again the next year. As the seasons change, you can switch items and continue your business.

So what is the delay, plan well and start your business soon.

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