These are the 14 Famous Markets of Lucknow

We all know that Lucknow is the city of Nawabs. The sweet tongue of the people here makes anyone crazy about them and everyone likes the beauty of the people here. Many people come here to visit and at the same time this place is very popular for people who are fond of shopping. Along with the historical place, there are many shopping markets here. If you are also fond of shopping and you are planning to go to Lucknow somewhere, then it is very important for you to be aware of the popular market there.

Come know some of the popular markets of Lucknow where you can easily go shopping;

1. Aminabad

Aminabad is one of the very old markets of Lucknow. It was built by the ruler Shah Alam II during 1759 – 1806. Aminabad is one such market which is perfect for people of all budgets. Here you can get things for every price. It is said about this market that no one goes empty handed from here.

Let us tell you that this market is a best destination for shopping. Also, if you know how to bargain while shopping, then you can buy things at even lower prices. If you are a foodie and are in Aminabad, then you must not forget to eat Nawabi cuisine Tunde Kebab, Prakash Kulfi. While shopping, you will not complain here that you could not eat anything.

2. Lovelen Market

If you want to shop for clothes, then Lovele Market located in Hazratganj is a market of stylish and trendy clothes. Here you can easily buy current fashion clothes like tops, jeans, kurtis etc. The best part after shopping in Lovelane is that you can also do Pet Puja. Here you can also eat Basket Chaat of Royal Cafe, built in front of Lovelen Market, which is very popular.

3. Alambagh Market

Shopping for clothes can be done almost everywhere, apart from this, along with shopping for clothes, you can also buy fruits, vegetables, sweets, sanitary ware and electronics etc. It is one of the most popular market of Lucknow. Alambagh Market is just 3 kilometers away from the railway station and you can go by bus, rickshaw or auto to reach here.

4. Shocked

It is natural to feel hungry when you roam while shopping. Therefore, along with shopping, you should eat and drink well, for this, go for a walk in the square. This market is perfect for buying chicken goods. The goods of Chikankari here are liked not only in the country but also abroad. Therefore, definitely take chicken stuff from here. This market is also just a short distance away from Charbagh Railway Station, where you can also reach by rickshaw or government buses.

5. Janpath Market

The heart of Lucknow is called Hazratganj and Janpath Market is built on the same. You can easily buy designer clothes, jewellery, electronic items from here.

Apart from this, there are also showrooms of big brands. If you want to spend more money then this market is for you. Also, keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive markets of Lucknow, so always keep this thing in mind while shopping here.

6. Hazratganj Market

Hazratganj Market is situated in the heart of Lucknow, which comes under Parivartan Chowk area of ​​the city. It is considered to be the most popular shopping area of ​​Lucknow. It was built in 1810 by Amjad Ali Shah, this market was earlier located on Queen’s Marg. In this market from small markets to big shopping malls, showrooms of big brands, hotels, PVR theatres, restaurants, food courts etc. The good thing here is that you can come to this market and buy all things such as new cars, jewellery, antiques, handicrafts items and other items can be bought comfortably. Special chicken clothes of Lucknow can also be bought from here. If you are coming here, then you must take care of your budget because this market is included in the most expensive markets of Lucknow.

Traditional colourful indian fabric textile

7. Nakhas Market

This market is very old, it is believed that this market is about 200 years old and it is considered a storehouse of old things. In this market, one can buy wooden items, traditional ornaments and ornaments etc.

Along with the rest of the shopping, there is also a very small pet market in this market, from where you can buy animals like rabbit, parrot. Also here, the “Sunday Market” held on Sundays is also very popular, in which you can buy second hand goods at very low prices, from clothes to electrical items etc. Apart from this, during Eid in Nakhas Market. The pink tea made is also very much liked.So if you are here during Eid, then definitely enjoy this tea.

8. Bhootnath Market

Bhootnath Market located in Indra Nagar is one of the famous markets of Lucknow.. Traditional Indian clothes are available in this market as well as this market is also very good for western clothes. Also, there is a plethora of designer shoes and slippers.

9. Naka Carousel

If you want to shop for electronics related goods, then this is a famous electronic market in Lucknow, where you will easily find all possible electrical and electronics related things. Apart from this, the second electronic market of Lucknow is Lalbagh.

10. Kabganj

If you want to buy wholesale goods, then you will get a market in Lucknow for this also. Rakabganj in old Lucknow is the perfect market for wholesale shopping.

11. Yehiyaganj Market

If you are thinking of buying goods in bulk for festival or any wedding-party and you are in Lucknow then you can not find a better place than Yahiaganj Market. This market is almost 250 years old and it Not only Lucknow but also helps in running the whole sale business in many nearby districts. The copper and brass utensils made here are famous all over the country. Every item found here is also about 30 to 40 percent cheaper than malls and other markets, we can say that this is the cheapest market of utensils in Lucknow, which also guarantees better design and quality.

12. Patrakarpuram Market

Patrakarpuram Market located in Gomtinagar is perfect for youngsters. Here you get clothes according to modern crops. Here you will find a wide variety of shorts, maxi dresses, party wear dresses, cool printed t-shirts. The good thing here is that things are easily available here in every kind of budget. Along with this, if you want to shop from the brand, then there are shops for that too. College students love this market very much and children will often see you shopping here.

Shop streets in old town Jaisalmer

13. Nazirabad Market

If you are fond of embroidery, zardozi and chikankari fashion accessories, then definitely visit Nazirabad Market in Lucknow. Wherever your eyes go, it will definitely attract you towards itself. There is no better place to shop for zardosi outfits and beautifully embroidered nagres. This place is also perfect for handicraft things.

14. Amber Market

Amber Market of Naka Hindola is considered to be the best electronics market of Lucknow. It is located just 1 kilometer away from the railway station. If you want a mobile and any kind of electronic device connected to it, then you will get it very easily in the wholesale price in the amber market. Here you also get very good products.

Apart from all these markets, there are many markets in Lucknow where you can go, but all this is especially such a market where you will get all the things you need easily. So whenever you knock in the city of Nawabs next time, then definitely include all these places in your list.

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