The Silent and Mysterious Kaimur Hills

Ancient Temple Remnants lying unattended near Lohra Village, Kaimur With deep jungles interspersed with gorges and beautiful waterfalls, containing randomly dispersed antiquarian remains, the Hills of Kaimur retain their unique air of mystery. Forming the easternmost part of the Vindhya Range, beginning near Katangi in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) and ending near Sasaram in Rohtas (Bihar), … Read more

The remains of Satanwada, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

The Silent Pages are often found to be associated with explicit indications about their past, which remain to be deciphered. As often noticed, the names of places do happen to convey a lot about their historical past. The traveler’s curiosity is at times drawn to the seemingly peculiar names of presently insignificant locations on the … Read more

The Mystery of Sikligarh

An Ancient Site with a Pillar in the ‘Lost Tiger Land’ of Purnea Purnea today is not well known either for its history or its erstwhile jungles. Lying on the eastern frontier of Bihar, Purnea is one of the oldest Indian districts formed by the British East India Company in 1770, in the then Bengal. It … Read more

An Account of Pandav Sthan (Panr)

A Promising Site on the Mahabharat Trail in Bihar Excavated Remains at Panr The Archaeologist’s spade at work in a North Bihar site has served to modify the contours of concurrent understanding about development of civilization in the past. Taking back the story of civilization in the region by thousands of years, the discoveries may … Read more

The Hill Fort of Shergarh (Rohtas, Bihar)

A forgotten Hill Fort still remaining to be fully explored “Too little is known of this fort”, observed the List of Ancient Monuments published by the Bengal Government in 1896. Lamentably, the same observation holds true even to the present day. The Hill Fort of Sher-Garh also at times known as ‘Badal Garh’, has remained … Read more

The Ancient Caves of Rajagriha, Nalanda

The Ancient town of Rajagriha (present Rajgir in Nalanda district of Bihar) has been vastly explored in search of ancient ruins by numerous archaeologists and surveyors since the early 19th century. The Hills, caves and the hot springs of Rajgir have fascinated mankind since times immemorial. Even today as one travels towards Rajgir from Gaya on … Read more

The Lost “Sun Temple of Mulasthana”

A study of the available historical accounts of the once famous Multan Sun Temple (now in Pakistan) The Silent Pages of History have a lot in store to explore for the connoisseur. Important Landmarks of earlier ages have totally been wiped off the map with the onslaught of time; and so much so that even to recover … Read more