Try Shopping from these 19 Places of Jharkhand, you will get good things for less Money

There are many such states in India, which have been divided into two states. Like Uttar Pradesh-Uttarakhand. Bihar and Jharkhand. These are the states that we hear and read about.

It is said that the state of Jharkhand was created by dividing the southern part of Bihar. With this, Ranchi was declared the capital of Jharkhand. Other major cities of this state include Dhanbad, Bokaro and Jamshedpur.

What is Jharkhand known for?

1. India’s first and world’s fifth largest steel factory Tata Steel is in Jamshedpur.

2. Another big steel plant Bokaro Steel Plant is built in Bokaro.

3. India’s largest ordnance factory is in Gomia.

4. The first plant of methane gas was also installed in Jharkhand.

What is the culture and civilization of Jharkhand?

Jharkhand is full of cultural diversity. It is said that the tools used in the Stone Age were discovered in Hazaribagh district. Tools like ax and spear are found in Chaibasa region.

Apart from all these things, Jharkhand is also very popular in the field of music and folk dance. Folk songs like Ekhariya, Damkach, Orjapi, Jhumir, Fagua, Veer Seren, Jhika, Philsanjha, Adhartiya or Bhinsaria, Dod, Asadi, Jhumti and Dhuria are important songs here.

Jharkhand is also famous because people of unique tradition live here in each sub-caste and tribe group. The people of Jharkhand have produced the finest artisans for generations and have accomplished excellent work in the arts. Along with this it has been proved that India is a unique country of natural resources.

Although there is a lot to say about Jharkhand, but the real things will be known only by going there. That’s why it is better to go around there than to hear more to be said about it.

If you go to visit there, then do some shopping to see the civilization and culture of Jharkhand. Anyway, shopping keeps both the heart and mind happy.

So let’s go shopping

1. Main Market

Jamshedpur is one of the largest cities of Jharkhand. That is why there is a main market in Bistupur here. A long line of goods of every need will be seen in this market.

In this market you will find everything from designer jewelery to designer cars, from electronics to garments. Since, it is the main market of the largest city of Jharkhand. That’s why you will get a lot to eat and drink here.

2. Kamani Center

Situated in the biggest and most popular market center of Jamshedpur, Kamani Center is one of the very popular shopping complexes. Kamani Center is of 4 floors, in which you will find more than 400 shops.

This center caters to all the needs of the common man, mainly it is known for its designer clothes.

3. Akashdeep Plaza

Akashdeep Plaza is one of the biggest shopping complex in the city. There are at least more than 250 shops in this complex. Not only this, its popularity is increasing day by day among the people.

4. Sakchi Bazar

The purpose of this market is to cater to the needs of the middle class people. From this market you can get electronic items, woolen clothes, readymade garments, blankets, plastic-ware etc. at reasonable prices.

5. Jugsalai Bazar

Jugsalai Bazar is specially made for Marwari, Sikh and Gujarati families. This market is known for wholesale shopping, which caters to all the needs of the traders.

6. Telco Market

There are three important markets in Telco Market, which are located at Kharangjahar, Sector Market and Plaza. Customers coming to all these markets always return satisfied.

7. Basanti Market

You have to go to Ranchi to visit Basati Market. Basanti Bazaar is one of the most popular shopping places in Ranchi. Day by day the number of tourists and local people visiting the market is increasing.

The specialty of this market is the dry fruits sold here. If you go to the market, then you will definitely eat sweets here. Along with this, delicious sweet mango peel can also be brought home.

8. MS Markets

MS Market is the market where local farmers gather to sell their products. This market in Ranchi is famous for the production of dry fish, yak cheese and local liquor.

9. Riyadh Bhawan Market

You will also have to go to Ranchi to visit Riyadh Bhawan Market. This Ghurelu market is famous for special handicraft products. So if you go here, do not forget to visit Riyadh Bhawan Market.

Colourful spices powders and herbs in traditional street market

10. Faryal Shopping Center

Ranchi’s Faryal Shopping Center is also one of the popular shopping centers there. Here you will find trendy thing of fashion. Trendy clothes, sunglasses, wallets and watches etc.

Apart from this, this place is also very famous for traditional clothes. One can buy beautiful sarees and suits from here. This place is also especially famous for Tasty Ice Cream and Softie. Everyday necessities are also available in the market.

11. Village Industries Store

Gram Udyog Bhandar is a small place situated on Kutchi Road. Khadi lovers can get skirts, shirts, kurtas, pillow covers, saris etc. from this place of Ranti. Apart from this, products made of fiber and paper like envelopes, designer paper, gift boxes etc. are also available here.

If you like Khadi items, then definitely go here, you will not be disappointed at all.

12. Kanodia Textile Corporation

If you want to buy good quality cotton print sheets at the right price, then this Ranchi shop is just for you. If you have the art of bargaining, then you can go for Kanodia Textile Corporation.

13. Daily Market

This market is one of the best markets of Ranchi. You will find lots of electronic items in the daily market. Whether to buy a phone or walkie talkie for the best thing at a cheap price, you go here and will come back happy

However, for good shopping, you must have good bargaining skills.

14. Upper Market

This is a popular market in Ranchi for everyday shopping. Whether you want to buy jewelry or clothes, you can blindly trust the upper market for all these things.

Good shopping can be done from this market at reasonable prices. One can also shop from brands like Satya Paul Sarees and Geetanjali Lifestyle available in the city.

15. Ratu Bazaar

Ratu Bazaar is another popular market place in Ranchi, which is also considered as a local market. This market gives everyone a better option for shopping. A perfect place to shop in the afternoon sun.

The market is also famous for religious and auspicious Hindu rituals. From beautiful traditional sarees to lehengas and other accessories, this old market in Ranchi is available. Local transport like rickshaws and autos will be easily available in the city to get around.

16. Big Shop

Big Shop is located near GEL. From branded apparels and wedding dresses to the latest accessories and gift items, you will find everything here.

This place is very popular among locals and tourists. In Big Shop you will find a unique collection of Indian Jewellery.

17. Jassi Gift

This shop is located near Churuwala Chowk in Ranchi. Jassi Gifts is a perfect place to buy gifts for your loved ones. In this shop soft toys, novelties, wall hangings, pen stands, watches, greeting cards etc. will be available at good prices.

hand drawing of market on white background

18. Kashmir Textile Collection

The Kashmir Vastalaya Collection is a huge building, spread over 12000 sq ft. It is one of the very popular shopping places in Ranchi. Located on MG Road, this shop has a wide variety of ready-made garments like shirts, dress materials, sarees, jewellery, sunglasses, wallets and gift items.

The bride and groom can be seen checking out the latest wedding collection available here.

19. GEL Church Complex

There are many shopping points, retail outlets and restaurants in Ranchi’s GEL Church Complex. There are many popular restaurants like Kaveri Restaurant and Krishna Hotel, which have more than one food and drink shops.

This complex is very popular with the youth who come to roam around and explore the shops. At present, this place of Ranchi remains the favorite hangout spot of the people.

There are not only local markets in Jharkhand for shopping, but there are also many great shopping malls. You can also visit Galaxia Mall, Spring City Mall, Vishal Mega Mart for shopping.

Jharkhand is also famous for ancient craftsmanship. If you want to see ancient craftsmanship, then you must go to Jharkhand. Go there and see and understand the local things.

Along with this, do a lot of shopping too. By shopping, not only do you fulfill your needs, but you also promote the ancient art there.

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