Best 13 Business Ideas for Students that can make Good pocket Money

If you are a student, then you must know one thing that the pocket money you get to meet the expenses of the month for you is not able to meet your needs, although some householders do not give them enough money to support their children. They give pocket money but some people give them very little pocket money. Due to getting less pocket money, many times the students also go astray on the wrong path and start doing some such work which will help them to meet their monthly expenses, like sometimes many students get pocket money from their family members. Money, which is very less.

They use it to gamble and think that with this they will be able to earn more money and can run their monthly expenses, but you know that the little money they have from gambling, they also drown. And gradually he gambles by borrowing from the student people and gets trapped in this quagmire, which also destroys his career completely.

Today we will know about 13 such business ideas , with the help of which you can withdraw your pocket money for a month while sitting at home or with very little effort.

An ordinary student, who does not have many needs, needs pocket money of about five to seven thousand rupees in a month. If your needs are more then you will have to work harder, but at the same time keep in mind that the amount of time you waste to make pocket money, lest that time becomes costly for your career,

Let’s know 13 such business ideas :-

1. Online Survey Business

In today’s time every student has internet connectivity and taking advantage of this, you can take help of one of the popular ongoing field which is known as online internet survey .

In this survey, a company provides you a survey through online medium, under which you have to fill that survey which is helpful in providing data to those companies in the form of market research for their clients. Many such popular websites are active in this area such as Planet Base, Survey Geek, Onion Panel etc.

The questions asked in this survey are related to what items you use in your daily routine, etc., which helps these companies to find out which one is more popular and which one is which one. Due to this reason, not so much is being sold and these companies share this data with their clients, from which they charge their fees.

2. Online Market Trading

Let me tell you that this is not an easy way, to make pocket money, you must already have money to invest money in the stock market and would like to tell you that this is not a safe way either, but if you are a If you want to come into this business with a proper strategy, then you can easily withdraw your pocket money for a month without taking any risk.

3. Content Writing

A student has no shortage of knowledge and gradually he keeps on increasing his knowledge with the help of books and other things. Keeping this in mind, you can write content such as articles etc. for a website or blog and give it, in return you can charge your fee from it. You may charge a low fee in the beginning, but once you have experience and the quality of your content increases, you can charge more.

Similarly, at present, many YouTube creators also hire students to make their videos and they get them to write the script of their videos. Although you will need more research for YouTube script, but the money you get in it will also be more, with it you will be able to easily cover your entire month’s expenses.

4. Delivery Boy

If you have a bicycle or a motorcycle, then you can make extra money by going out of the house for some time, which you have to make by reaching people by delivering food on your cycle. For this you have to contact any big food delivery company.

Some time back a popular Indian food delivery company Zomato has also introduced the provision of providing short service of only 2 hours for the students, in which you will be given some orders to be delivered. If you are able to complete them then you will easily be able to earn ten thousand rupees a month. But keep in mind that this is a job in which you have to invest first.

5. Part Time Jobs

If you do not have the skills to work on the Internet, then you can cover your entire month’s expenses with the help of part time job which also helps as a supplement to the student. This will increase the income you get every month, due to which you will be away from other types of stress which will also help you in making your career.

6. Working as a Freelancer

You must have heard the name of a very popular website Fiver, in which people create their own gig and sell them to other people. You can make your gig in any field like content writing gig or logo making gig Freelancing websites like Fiverr are a platform to match the buyer and seller of the services, in which he deducts some of his commission. There are many other similar websites such as Freelancer and Upwork etc.

a man is working on computer and display showing word freelance over a wooden table

7. Music Review

If you like to listen to songs, then you can also use it as a business, there are some websites that give you money in return for reviewing music.

In which you have to tell through comments some improvements that can be done by listening to their music and also share the things you liked in that music with the editor, in return for which you are paid. In this, you have to keep one thing in mind that only share the mistake or goodness that you find in that song in reality. Unnecessarily focusing only on the good, you never thought that you would be paid more. Slice Pie is one such website.

8. Selling Notes

If you have no problem in sharing your notes with people then you can easily earn some extra money in this way. There are many websites such as NextNotes and Indic Notes etc., which provide notes for different recruitment exams.

Needy people buy notes by visiting this website, you can also upload your notes on similar website, with the help of which this website transfers the money given by your buyer to you after deducting some of its commission.

9. Competition

Many times you must have heard that many big institutions organize competitions to check the competition level of the students and money is also given to some of the top winners in this competition.

This is such a resource which will help you to increase your knowledge as well as earn extra money, because to win this competition you will need knowledge, for this you will increase your study time, which will help you in your career. Will also help to make Also, if you win this competition, you will also get some extra money to spend.

10. Teaching Job

This means that by becoming a teacher, you can easily pass on the knowledge gained by you to other students, although at present, due to the increasing unemployment rate of India, there has been a lot of competition in this field. In order to sell, you have to acquire some degree yourself which will prove beneficial for you.

11. Own website

Now with the help of internet, you can create your own website which can prove to be a good source of your earning in the coming time. In a report released by Google, it has been told that every day more than one lakh websites and blogs are started on the Internet, now it is up to you to decide how much hard work you have to do to make your website successful in so much competition. Have to do

To start a website, you can take your own domain and hosting where you can enter your own content and reach your target customer base.

12. Video Editing

As you know that the reach of the Internet in India has now become even to the common man, that is why instead of visiting blogs and websites, people find their information through video platforms. In a report released by Google, it has been told that earlier search blogs and websites related to any news were read more by people, but currently the number of customers watching videos on YouTube, one of Google’s platforms, is the number of people who read the blog. In comparison, it has increased by up to seventy percent.

If you have a little skill in video editing, then you can reach your potential to people by editing videos while working as a freelancer. The growing market of YouTube and the penetration of the Internet can change from a job that gives you pocket money to a permanent and highly profitable job these days.

Closeup coding on screen, Woman hands coding html and programming on screen laptop

13. Coding

Coding is mainly a type of computer system language, in which you have to download any software or app. In the present time, due to increasing access of people to the Internet, new entrepreneurs are being forced to launch their new apps, that is why they are getting their own app made by people who know the best coding.

In the coming time, you can also work as a permanent project worker in this sector. In India too, many new startup companies are helping students to teach coding, one such company is Junior Hat, which is passing knowledge from big and experienced coding writers to young children for free or for some fee.

Thus in all these ways you can manage your pocket money.

Now we will tell you some information that you must keep in mind, such as –

  • Never do your part time job more than 20 hours in a week, because it will affect your academic studies, which can also spoil your career.
  • To create a balance between both part time job and academic study, you have to make a time table and schedule and always keep one thing in mind that while studying, focus only on your study.
  • Many times it happens that once you start getting money, you keep away from your studies, but keep in mind that your study and knowledge will take you forward.

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